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Amanda McSeveny is the artist behind Beautifully Recreated - discarded items made new, and all of its wonderful creations. According to Amanda nothing or no-one is too old, tarnished, useless, or broken to be reborn. Each of us was created to shine, to live a life beyond imagination, of abundance and fulfillment. She believes simply witnessing a renaissance gives us permission to imagine, hope, dream and strive to become all we were created to be...

Amanda is also passionate about all discovering their creativity within. She believes you were born to be creative and create, that is it in your DNA. We all strive to create without even realizing it. We work hard to create a career, a home and loving relationships. Each morning we create an out fit, a look that is unique to our own. We each create gardens, goals, meals, habits, and conversations. Yet most believe living creatively is a privileged existence only for the artistically gifted. This is just not true. We were each meant to experience the Kre8ive Life! To inspire and encourage you Amanda documents her own journey capture creativity in her blog.