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I've been creative my whole life. Drawing, painting, printing, sewing, photography... I love learning a new craft and working out ways to make things.

With a particular love for hand printed textiles, patterns and prints and a niggling desire to create things by hand, I started crafting my own homewares. Made from my heart - each piece is designed with what I would like to have in my home. Realising that others may like what I made, I decided to take a step back from the advertising world, leaving the safety of full-time work and break out on my own, designing the things that make me truly happy. Utilising my skills as a graphic designer, I decided to build my own brand and create something joyful, meaningful and made from the heart. So little miss gee was born in 2012.

little miss gee makes a range of unique products, from tea towels and cushions to camera straps and tote bags. My designs are forever evolving and driven by colour and shape. They are also made simply for home lovers to enjoy - to decorate their space. I like to imagine all those homes where my products now live after they’ve left my hands, that are loved and cherished - this gives me a heartfelt smile!

All little miss gee products are handmade by me in my small home studio in Melbourne, Australia. My inspiration comes from everywhere: nature, photography, art, design, interiors and travel. Each piece starts its life as a thought or a picture in my mind, to a design on my mac. My designs can take a long time to be polished off, as I’m a perfectionist. Next is cutting a stencil for the screen. After the stencil is ready, I mix inks, buy fabric and print. Printing is a very exciting and satisfying step, seeing my designs finally come to life is truly rewarding. Sometimes the designs work, sometimes they don’t, but that's the fun of it. Designing and printing your own fabric is a slow process, but I love doing it. And finally, to a finished piece sewn on my mum's very first 1980's Bernina sewing machine.

I believe strongly about providing a quality, one-of-a-kind product, remaining true to my passion and to continue to love what I do. I dream that one day I'll have my very own print studio with every medium at hand, where I can create to my heart's content.

You can also VISIT me at littlemissgee.com
Find out what I've been doing on my BLOG at blog.littlemissgee.com
Become a fan on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/littlemissgeeau
Or just like to say hi EMAIL me at kasey@littlemissgee.com