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Store Sale & Coupon Codes

Store Sale & Coupon Codes

Can I put my store on sale?

Yes, under your Store Sale link in My Madeit you can place all your items in your store on a percentage-off sale. When your items are on sale they will appear on the Sale Items page and in the Sale Items section of the homepage on random rotation. 

Your items can only be on sale for a maximum of 15 days, if you wish to continue your sale longer than this time then simply apply the sale again once the 15 days is over. 

If your sale is for less than 15 days use the cancel current sale button when your sale period has finished.

Does the store sale apply to postage?

No, the store sale only applies to the listing price.

Can I put individual items on sale?

Yes, simply edit your item via your active panel to put your item on sale. You can choose a dollar amount or percentage discount.

Can you explain coupon codes?

Coupon codes are discounts that are applied to your orders if the buyer has been given the unique coupon code. You could offer a coupon code to a buyer to encourage a returned order or as a promotional sale.

What are the different type of coupons codes I can set up?

Coupon codes can be 
• Dollar Amount Off 
• Percentage Amount Off 
• Australian Free Shipping 
• Free Shipping to All 

Can I limit free shipping codes only to customers who spend a minimum amount?

Yes, if customers need to spend a minimum amount before claiming free shipping, enter the minimum spend value in the Amount column when creating the code. This code will only work when the customer has products equal to or exceeding the minimum spend value in their cart.

Are there any guidelines to setting up the coupons codes?

The code needs to be unique.
The code needs to be only numbers and letters; NO symbols and NO spaces!
The code must be equal or less than 20 characters in length.

Do the % Off & $ Off coupons codes apply to postage?

No, these coupons codes only apply to the listing price.

Can the buyer add more than one coupon code to their cart?

The buyer can only add one coupon code to a purchase.

Can I edit the coupons?

Yes, you can edit your coupons at any time, just make the change and click save. You can also deactivate your coupons at any time.

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