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Welcome to Madeit.

Madeit is a curated Marketplace exclusively for Australian residing artists and crafters. Our mission is to bring together the most talented and unique creators from every corner of Australia, showcasing exceptional handmade products.

The first step of the process is to ensure that you meet the Madeit Quality benchmarks. Meeting the benchmarks won't guarantee your spot, from there we want to see your unique approach and style.

We are looking for;

Unique Creativity

We are seeking artists and crafters who bring a distinct flair and originality to their work. Your unique approach and style are crucial in setting you apart.

Ready for Online Sales

Being 'retail-ready' is key. This includes having high-quality, styled images of your products, which reflect the professionalism and caliber of your work.

Great product Images

Images above are from (Top L-R): BuddyX, Handwoven Spirit by Chantal, The Fuzzy Wonders, KezKidz Crochet, (Bottom L-R) Graystokes Jewellery, Illustrations by Herman, One Spotty Dog, Billie Wagtail Pottery

Quality Craftsmanship

A huge part of what we do is to ensure that we have a quality standard that is met on the platform. It's not about your specifc craft but how you do it. We are creating a diverse collection of creations from jewellery to ceramics to wall art to home decor.

Community Minded Creatives

Being part of Madeit, you’re not just selling products; you're contributing to a diverse and thriving community of artists and crafters. We are looking for positive and community minded creatives.

Reasons why you may not be accepted

  • Your images may not be up to standard
  • Your products may be too similar to other products on the platform
  • We may not have a suitable category for your products
  • Your product may appear to be mass produced
  • Your tone may be aggressive in email communications


As a curated marketplace, we are looking for the dream collective of Artists and Crafters. That doesn't have to mean expensive creations, but it does mean having that special sauce that makes your creations shine!

If your application is unsuccessful it may not be 'no' forever but instead 'not right now'! Every knock back can be used as fuel for you to unlock another level of creativity ⭐️


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