Get Your Product Images Ready

Your imagery is one of the most important aspects of being able to sell your creations online. As part of the Madeit community it is how we select images to be featured in our emails and across socials.

If you are applying to sell on Madeit you will be required to submit a minimum of 5 images. We have quality benchmarks so that you can see if your creations are suitable and from there the platform is curated to create a wonderful mix of Artists and Crafters with a variety of products for our customers.

What we are looking for in your images

All images that you submit need to be ready to go live online and used on your store. Here are some guidelines for what we are looking for;

  • Good lighting and clear images
  • Stylish images that highlight your creations
  • A single product in each image (no collage)
  • Image only (no copy/text)
  • An artistic style to represent your creations

If you imagine that we are looking for instagram grid worthy shots so that we can proudly share your creations to our 110k+ social following (Instagram, FB, Pinterest).

You will need to submit a minimum of 5 images but you can submit more! We would love to see stylish behind-the-scenes images that show us your truly handmade-process.

Great product Image Examples for your handmade products

 For complete details on Imagery requirements once you have been approved to sell on Madeit, please see here.

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