What you need to apply

Madeit is the largest curated marketplace in Australia for Artists & Crafters. To sell on Madeit there is an application process.

As part of the application process you will need to submit the following and complete the online application which will take approximately 10-15mins if you have all the information ready.

What you need to apply to sell on madeit

What you will need

Here is a quick and easy list with links so that you can be ready to put your best foot forward with your application to sell on Madeit.

  1. Your Store Name
  2. Your Store logo
  3. A bio pic of yourself
  4. A list of questions to ensure you meet the Madeit Quality Benchmarks
  5. A description about your products you plan to list
  6. A description about your handmade process
  7. Images of your products
  8. Images of your process (optional yet encouraged)
  9. Links to show your process (optional)
  10. Acceptance of the Seller Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

When will I be able to apply?

On average it will take 2-3 weeks from when you join the waitlist. We have over 1000 artists on the waitlist and we read through each one individually.

Remember that this is a curated marketplace so you want to put your best creative foot forward. Here is a link to what we are looking for.

Applying to sell on Madeit? What we are looking for...

Is there anything I can do to improve my application?

Make sure that you read through all the linked articles above to ensure that you are ready to apply. Of course we need to make sure that your creations meet the Madeit Quality benchmarks and from there the most important aspect is your imagery.

Thank you for applying to sell on Madeit, we're so excited to discover you & your creations!

Warm regards, Leina, Bec, Stacey & Sue.

The Madeit Collaborative

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