Details about your Handmade Process

Thank you for applying to sell on Madeit!

As part of the application process you will be required to include details about your specific handmade process of creation for your different types of products.

This is first and foremost for us to make sure that your products meet the Madeit Quality Benchmarks. As a curated Marketplace meeting the benchmarks is the first step of the process, from there we want to see your unique approach.

How to explain your creative process

Right from the start! We want to be able to connect with you and your products right from the beginning, being able to see your process is our most favourite part of what we do!

You will need to provide a written explanation of your process but you can also attach additional images and links to video you may have on vimeo, youtube or social channels.

Please note that we don't expect a perfectly written description!

You can add a very simple bullet point explanation.

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