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African Grey Parrot Earrings - Polymer Clay Statement Earrings

Price ($AUD): $38.00

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African Parrots - African Grey

AHHHHHH! Sorry I was just screaming at how cute and elegant these are at the same time. My bad.

If you’re fed up with all the screamy-screamy and bitey-bitey that comes with having birds around, you’re going to love introducing a BINKABU bird to your flock. Some squawking points:

- They are not only beautiful, but also ADORABLE
- They are completely unique. Each lobe bird has its own personality, just like your real birds
- They take every outfit to the NEXT. LEVEL.
- They don't bite (but I can't guarantee that your postman doesn't)
- They don't poop on your friends (or you)
- They are silent. No 5am wake up screams or carrying on about how scary your pile of washing is (to be fair, the pile of washing scares me too)

I just love the neutral colours in the African Greys with that pop of luscious jewel red. They really do go with everything!

These handmade bird earrings are a signature 3-piece polymer clay design, made by Maddi. Your pair will resemble the pictured product, but each piece is handcrafted and hand painted and unique in its own way.



Free domestic shipping in Australia! Birds can already fly, so why should you pay??

For more information on BINKABU's products, visit www.binkabu.com.au

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Price ($AUD): $38.00

FREE Shipping
(Within Australia)
Made To Order in 3-5 business days


Only 1 Left!
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