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Huckleberry Blue

Huckleberry Blue

12 Premium Edible Wafer Card Cupcake Toppers - Baby Dinosaur, Pre-cut

Price ($AUD): $10.00


These gorgeous Dinosaur themed pre-cut cupcake toppers are printed on premium edible wafer card using edible inks. This means they stand up nicely in buttercream icing. 6 images (2 of each image), ready to decorate your cupcakes. Each topper comes with a small post for inserting into the icing.

Place onto the cupcake a few hours before serving.

Each topper is approximately 6cm high (excluding the insert post)

This is wafer card, not rice paper, so it is thicker and will stand up better. Is it slightly translucent, so once printed the image will not be quite a bright as it would be if printed on normal paper, but still very cute and colourful..

Please store flat in a cool dry place. Do not place your wafer toppers in the refrigerator and store them away from direct sunlight.

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Price ($AUD): $10.00


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