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Aussie Smote

Mochila like Bag, Clutch, Crochet Bag, Coin Purse, Phone Bag

Price ($AUD): $12.00


This mochila like clutch bag is made from acrylic yarn. It is designed and made by me. Each bag is an original. I haven't made any two bags exactly the same. I always make sure there is a difference, even if it's just colour.

Mochila bags are made from a continuous woven thread throughout the whole bag.

It can be used for a number of different things: phone bag, marble bag, makeup case, dice holder, pencil case, coin purse and clutch bag just to name a few.

It has a silver metal shoulder strap attached with clips for easy removal when washing your bag. It also has a zip to keep your items safe.

It is mauve, purple, green, yellow, pink and black.. It measures 190 x 135 mm.

I have made bags with names on also, so if there is something you want custom made just ask.

I hope you get as much enjoyment using your bag as I did making it.I hope you have as much fun using your bag as I did making it.

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Price ($AUD): $12.00


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