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Bee Glad

  • This item is not currently available as the seller is on holiday. Please click here to view their other items

Bee Glad

Beeswax Wrap and Straw Smoothie Pack

Keep smoothies fresh and eco-friendly with with this small beeswax resusable food wrap and stainless steel straw (comes with brush for easy cleaning).

Plastic straws will outlive us all. They are damaging our environment and sealife at an alarming rate and never, ever completely biodegrade. You can make a difference by saying goodbye to plastic straws forever.

The small wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to cling film and this one is the perfect size to cover a glass or mason jar to keep your smoothie fresh for longer. You can also use it to cover cut ends of fruit or veg and keep them fresher in the fridge! Recycled cotton is infused with a unique mix of beeswax, gum rosin and jojoba oil to create a product that sticks to itself or bowls/plates/jars.

Additional stainless steel straws available for $5 each. Please message us for a custom listing.

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