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Store Search Results

The Queen Bee

Hello and welcome to The Queen Bee! Have a rummage through my shop full of miniature leather book necklaces and glass orb botanical jewellery made from carefully dried and preserved flowers.

14 items
  • Seashell Necklace, Beach Jewellery
  • Lavender Necklace, Glass Vial Jewellery
  • Terrarium Necklace, Moss Necklace, Glass Orb Jewellery.
  • Seashell Necklace, Beach Jewellery
  • Real Flower Necklace, Bohemian Necklace
  • Woodland Orb, Natural Necklace
  • Dandelion Seed Necklace, Wishing Necklace.
  • Moss Necklace, Floating Locket Jewellery, Boho Necklace
  • Rose Necklace, Real Flower Jewellery

Howe Elegant & Sassy

Unique, handcrafted jewellery, hair accessories & giftware made with sterling silver components. Something for every mood and occasion - long live the Bling!

42 items
  • Clip-on Swarovski bronze drop pearl, Sterling Silver, earring
  • Large Neon Red Swarovski pearl, Sterling Silver, stud earring
  • Swarovski Jet black pearl & crystal, Sterling Silver, stretch bracelet
  • Luxury Bookmark - sterling silver flower with Swarovski crystals
  • Swarovski Topaz & Gold crystals, Sterling Silver, double bracelet
  • African Turquoise & wood, Sterling Silver, necklace
  • Large White Swarovski pearl, Sterling Silver, stud earring
  • Olive Green Lava Stone, Czech Glass, Sterling Silver, dangle earring
  • Mother-of-Pearl pendant, Swarovski pearl, Sterling Silver, multi-strand necklace


Edgy designs, mixing form and function.

1 items
  • The Bunsen - Designer Oil Burner infuser / Vase / Terrarium | by BORR.

Bushwalk Candles

I make beeswax candles that embrace Australian heritage and keep the bush scents and stories alive in our hearts.

23 items
  • Lemon Myrtle - Beeswax - Bush Tucker Candle
  • Fruit Damper - Beeswax - Bush Tea Lights
  • Billy Tea - Beeswax - Bush Tin Candle
  • Bush Walk - Beeswax - Bush Tin Candle
  • Natural - Beeswax - Bush Tea Lights
  • Brekkie - Beeswax - Bush Tea Lights
  • Brekkie - Beeswax - Bush Tin Candle
  • Billy Tea - Beeswax - Bush Tea Lights
  • Tealight Refills - Natural Beeswax


Bag it up! l love a bag that is beautiful, practical and easy to care for. So that's what l sew.

6 items
  • Make up pouch
  • Library Bag - Glasses
  • Big Tote
  • Big Tote - Feathers
  • Library Bag - Road Works
  • Travel Shoe Bag - Paris

Sweet Poppy Kids

Welcome to Sweet Poppy Kids. I love to make things that are functional as well as beautiful. You'll find my creations are well made with beautiful fabrics and yarns.

66 items
  • Mickey Mouse Tunic top and bubble shorts set size 2. Red spot and black.
  • Vintage Inspired Crochet Cotton Doily.
  • Fabric Cover to fit Thermomix or Overlocker. Butterflies and Birds.
  • Kids Reversible Bucket Hat. Large size 53 cm. 5 yrs +.
Loaders, diggers.
  • Vintage Inspired Crochet Cotton Doily.
  • Butterfly or Fairy Wings for Dress-ups and Pretend Play.
Fit approx 3-4 yrs.
  • Liberty of London Fabric Bibs
  • Noughts and Crosses Dress. Size 5. 
Cap sleeve, button back.
  • T-shirt and Bloomies or Nappy Cover set, crochet Mandala.  Size 0.

the little card boutique

Everyday and special occasion handmade greeting cards, books and gifts. Including personalised cards, bamboo and wood cards. Made in Melbourne Australia.

305 items
  • 10 Easter cards, tags or mini cards, gift tags Happy Easter
  • Teacher Personalised card takes a big heart to shape little minds large apples
  • Teacher gift decoration ornament bamboo wood apple the best teachers teach
  • Thank You Coach card teacher sport soccer football personalised custom team
  • PRINT a message inside my card please!
  • Any Age Custom Birthday card children kids custom fish sea 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • Colour in Mum card best ever colouring in happy birthday mother's day for her
  • Kitchen Tea custom card turquoise floral vintage heart  bride to be
  • Teacher Gift Custom made decoration ornament bamboo ply wood personalised apple

Mum and Me Handmade Designs

We create and sell Prints and Handmade Cards for all Occasions. Our cards are simple but stylish with that little touch of detail. We also love to create and sell Drawstring Library Bags and Stylish Plastic Bag Holders.

360 items
  • Happy Birthday Card - Boy - 3 Superheroes - HBC095
  • Easter Card - Easter Eggs with a Bow - EAS008
  • Birthday Card Female - Coral and Mint Bicycle with Flowers - HBF162
  • Baby Girl Card - Pink Giraffe - BBYGRL034
  • Engagement Card, Wedding Card, Birthday Card - 3 Tier Cake - ENG025
  • Blank Card Pack - Geometric Triangles Pink - Set of 5 Cards - 5P006
  • Father's Day Card - Coffee Mugs For Dad - HFD023
  • 1st Birthday Card Boy - Elephant with Blue Party Balloon - HBC194
  • Birthday Card Girl - Cupcakes with Sprinkles - HBC182

House of Poly

Full of colour and unafraid of making a statement, the House of Poly is the home of handcrafted and unique pieces of polymer clay jewellery.

17 items
  • Minimalist choker
  • Pink & black statement necklace
  • Black bead statement necklace
  • Aqua & violet clay ball statement necklace
  • Pink edgy necklace
  • Pink key ring, bag charm
  • Black marble-look trinket dish
  • Bold red glitter statement ring
  • Monochrome black bead bracelet

Dough Re Mi

Dough Re Mi - challenging the cookie norms with delicious and sometimes bizarre flavour combinations that will leave you wanting more.

6 items
  • Donut Cookies
  • Unicorn Cookies
  • Teacher Pack Cookies
  • Rain Cloud Cookies
  • Fairy Bread Cookies
  • Fudgey Fruit and Nut Cookies - Multi Pack

Rocking Horse Clothing

Rocking Horse is a handmade children's label, which specialises in practical pretty and fun designs for girls and boys. My clothes, are made to be loved and worn♄ You will also find my baby range of onesies and gorgeous bibs and blankets.

50 items
  • Pink Girls Wonderland Rabbit Skirt
  • Girls Babies Floral Supender Skirt
  • Navy Floral Sash Shorties
Girls / Babies
  • Mickey Mouse  Leggings Baby Boy /Girl
  • Long Sleeved winter
Romper Baby Girls
  • Floral Long Sleeved winter
Blouse Top
  • Newborn baby Stag harem leggings , Ears hat, and appliquied oneie
  • Long Sleeved Pink Floral winter Romper Baby Girls
  • Long Sleeved winter
Romper Baby Girls Cream and Black Spots Burgundy