Madeit is more than a marketplace; it's a collective of artists all striving towards a future that celebrates handmade. It's our mission to empower you to sell online with our List & Learn approach.

Introducing our incredible collective of Artists. Hear what they think ❤️









Frequently Asked Questions

Madeit is a curated space where we are looking for the very best Artists & Crafters to join the handmade movement. We open up intakes in allocated dates or when spaces become available.

You will be notified when intakes open or a spot becomes available.

This is a curated and much coveted space so make sure you're ready to complete your application.

Read here for what you need.

Madeit isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a movement. It is our mission to elevate, energise and activate the value of handmade.

Our Madeit community thrives on mutual support, not competition. When you join Madeit, you join a community.

We give you multiple ways of connecting with new customers & collectors so that you can expand. It is our dream and vision that you grow beyond Madeit and we get to be part of your growth journey.

Memberships start from $7/month. This includes learning, connection and feature opportunities valued at hundreds per month... it's easy to see the return on investment!

Every membership option has the same functional inclusions, the difference in each plan is the number of products that you can list. Included are the following;

  • Dedicated store page
  • Google listed reviews
  • Digital downloadable products
  • Product variants
  • Video on product page
  • Video on store page
  • Direct links to your social pages
  • Up to 10 images on each product
  • Public FB Group where you can list your creations 3x per week. With over 4k+ customers in this group the conversions are high!
  • Private FB Group for support & connection
  • FREE Opportunities to get featured - Unboxing videos, Wednesday wonders, Emails, Giveaways & more


We believe that the artists should earn for their creations. For each item sold there is a flat rate payment processing fee of 2%+35c. This covers standard credit card, Paypal and Afterpay and the balance goes straight to you!

It's FREE to join and you have 7 days FREE to get set up and to make sure the platform is right for you.

Membership options from $7/month, cancel at any time.

The Madeit platform currently only offers shipping within Australia. We plan to extend to international shipping in 2024.

Payments to you are made every Tuesday and Friday based on orders being fulfilled 3 business days prior.

For custom orders we ask that you contact us so that we can make payment to you before the item is fulfilled.


We're here to help you!

Madeit Australia: Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm

What we offer and who we are...

A List & Learn approach

We are for artists who want to learn how to sell online. Selling online is no longer a matter of set & forget, you need to be able to drive sales to your store. Don't worry, we'll show you how ⭐️

A supportive community

We are always stronger together and when we come together we have impact and expand our reach collectively. Being part of the community is how we flourish so beautifully.

Zero Commissions

You 'made-it' you earn it!! We want you to thrive as an artist which means zero commission. As your sales grow, your membership remains the same, which means more money in your pocket! The transaction fees are purely for online payment processing and capped at 2% + 0.35c.

A Curated Marketplace

How you are positioned as a handmade artisan is important. Madeit is an application only format which means we ensure that there is a quality standard and mass produced is nowhere to be seen!

What we are not...

We don't do the selling

'If you give an artist a sale they thrive for a day - If you teach an artist to sell they thrive for a lifetime.' We want you to thrive!! Let us show you how ❤️

We're not Etsy!

Madeit is growing everyday but we're not Etsy with high tech automations and billion dollar tech, but, We offer SO much more!! We personally build out content to feature this incredible community and you get our direct human support.

We are not Bots

We are a small and hands-on team ready to help you succeed! As you join the platform Stacey & Bec will ensure that your store is set up properly and that you are introduced to the community.

We are not just a platform

Madeit is special. Listen to the testimonials, read the words from the community. We are here, above and beyond to help you with your journey online. It is our vision to see thousands of artisans toasting champagne to how they 'Madeit on Madeit!' Your success is our mission.