Essential Oil for Health & Wellbeing - Mental Alertness 10ml

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Mental Alertness is a 100% synergistic blend of Rosemary, Pine Needle, and Litsea Cubeba Essential Oils. Recommended when mindful focus is required, such as study or an intricate task that requires your full attention. Inhaling is the most effective use as the odour molecules instantly trigger the receptors in the olfactory membrane in your nose. These molecules then travel along the sensory pathway to the limbic system, also known as the emotional brain. Inhaling can be via a diffuser, but I have found a pocket-sized nasal inhaler to be more effective and convenient to have on hand and can be purchased with the oil as a set. Don't overdo it. Just three deep calm breaths will be sufficient. If necessary, repeat after about 15/20 minutes. How to prepare: Take the inhaler apart, place the wick into a small glass or ceramic bowl (not plastic), and place a minimum of 20 drops of the oil of your choice on the wick. Using tweezers insert the wick into the glass tube and reassemble the inhaler. How to use: Just remove the top cap, hold the inhaler close to your nose and inhale, enjoy your essential oils anytime, anywhere. Essential Oils have been used for centuries for every physical or emotional malady and are gaining in popularity by young and old. They can be trusted if used with care and respect. Vegan Friendly Product

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