Made to Order Cloth Pad (Shape - Versodile Flexuous)

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Build-a-pad options using the Versodile Flexuous (3" snapped width) pattern


  • Light (280-300gsm): 1 layer 100gsm flannel + 270gsm cotton french terry
  • Moderate: 1 layer 400gsm bamboo/hemp fleece + cotton FT
  • Heavy: 2 layers bamboo/hemp fleece + cotton FT
  • Super: 3 layers bamboo/hemp fleece + cotton FT

    Lengths: 10-14" 

    Fabric topper preference (state in checkout comments)
  • Quilting cotton
  • Cotton lycra
  • Bamboo velour
  • Bamboo lycra
  • Swim

Washing instructions:

I highly recommend following the CCNDU method for washing cloth pads:

The absorbency and length you may need is entirely dependent on your flow and coverage needs. For a typical "normal" flow I would suggest a moderate 10" for daytime and 12" heavy for overnight. If you happen to notice your flow to be in a particular direction (towards the front or back) you can request to have a pad made as a "front (or back) bleeder" - the majority of length will be used for the coverage you need.

If you are wanting a specific print please request to join my VIP Facebook Group "Dig The Flow Reusables VIP" and view the fabric albums I have pinned.   

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