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Did you know that nature is providing us with healing remedies everyday? The catch is we have to learn which remedies work together or counteract each other. Upon years of research and testing I have created the perfect blend of essential oils for each everyday problem we might suffer. The other key feature is using only pure essential oils from the origin they come from. It pleases me to help people in their journey to remove the toxins in their lives.

Studies show that many people suffer with insomnia at one stage of their life. This aromatherapy bottle can assist in reducing insomnia. The essential oils are paired together to produce the best combination to help with this problem. 

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, Valerian (promotes peace, relaxation and restlessness), Lavender essential oil (helps with quality of sleep), Chamomile (mild sedative and sleep inducer), Grapefruit essential oil (calming effect on the mind and body). 10G

Not to be replaced with medical advice. Seek medical advice for symptoms all times. Ask doctor before using a grapefruit essential oil if taking any form of antidepressants. 

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