Your Seller's Guide for Product Imagery on Madeit

When you craft with passion, every detail matters – and that's true not just for your handmade treasures but for the images that represent them online. As the proud Home of Australian Handmade Arts and Crafts, we're committed to presenting every piece in its most authentic and appealing form. That’s where your photographs come in.

Please ensure you follow our Imagery guide for your products sold on Madeit. 

1. The Main Image

The main star:

For your first image, keep the spotlight on your creation. Use a solo photograph, no collages or combination shots permitted on Madeit. These will clutter the page and have customers wondering what they are buying.

Great Product imagery


Authenticity at Its Best:

Let your product tell its own story - a photo says a thousand words. No text or captions permitted on the main image.

Poor Imagery

Crystal Clear Brilliance:

Seek clarity – crisp, sharp images are a must. Let there be light! Illuminate your product to bring out its true colours and features.

Poor Quality Imagery

The Perfect Frame:

While our Madeit platform will give your images a neat square frame, for the best representation, grace us with a 1024 x 1024 px dimension. Centralise your product, ensuring that its heart and soul remain in focus.

Great Product Imagery

A Background That Sings:

While simplicity has its charm, a well-chosen, stylized background can elevate your product's appeal. Think of it as setting a stage for your masterpiece! 


2. Dive Deeper with Additional Images

Words that Enhance:

Here, you can sprinkle some textual magic, only if it makes sense! Add captions or labels, but let them accentuate, not overshadow your product.

The Whole Picture:

Feel free to craft a story using composite images. Showcase different perspectives, utilities, or variations.

Consistent Beauty:

Even as you diversify the angles and setups, the quality should remain unwavering. The same brilliance, the same luminosity as your main image.


3. Image Guidelines

The Right Format:

All images must be JPG or PNG, transparent backgrounds will not work on the platform as they will overlap with other images. It’s like choosing the right fabric for your craft – it just sits better!

Swift and Stunning:

Web-optimized images (images are less than 2mb) offer speedy load times without diminishing the dazzle. It's about balancing beauty with efficiency.

Truth in Representation:

Let the buyer see the real magic of your craft. Refrain from over-enhancing (editing too much); let authenticity reign.

Stay on brand:

Across your store, maintain a rhythm. Let there be a symphony in backgrounds, a consistency in lighting, and a signature style in each shot.

Your creations deserve to be seen in the best light. With these guidelines, not only will your products capture hearts, but they'll also ensure a delightful and authentic shopping experience for all Madeit visitors.

Let's craft success together – one image at a time! 🌟📸🌟

Leina Broughton

Warm regards, Leina Broughton

Owner & CEO of | Business Mentor & Keynote Speaker


Tina Reed

Tina Reed

Thank you so much for the invitation. I am looking forward to learning and collaborating with Madeit❤️. This is a new chapter in a wonderful journey. Thank you

Tania Robb

Tania Robb

Thank you for the invite, I will be submitting product photos as soon as possible. Thank you.

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