Handmade vs Hand-assembled

Welcome to the Madeit Handmade platform, where creativity and originality shine. To sell on the Madeit platform, it's essential to understand the clear distinction between ‘handmade’ and ‘hand assembled’ items as part of the Quality Benchmarks. By establishing this, we hope to maintain the integrity and spirit of our platform. Let's break it down:

1. The Basic Difference:

  • Handmade: This pertains to items created from scratch or significantly altered by the artist. It indicates a process where at least 50% of the work is original, crafted by hand, and showcases the artist's unique talent and vision.

  • Hand Assembled: This refers to the process of putting together pre-made components. While it involves hands-on work, it does not necessarily reflect the same degree of originality as handmade items.

2. Benchmarks for Acceptable Products:

You must be able to adhere to at least one of these points.

a. Purchased Components:

  • At least 50% of these components should either be created or considerably altered by you.

b. Jewellery with Pre-made Elements:

  • When using elements like beads, charms, etc., at least 50% of these components should be significantly altered by you. Simply stringing together pre-made beads or charms does not meet the handmade benchmark.

c. Use of Patterns from Other Businesses:

  • If you use patterns or designs from another source, they should be significantly adapted or adjusted, showcasing your personal touch and creativity.
  • Adjusting could include; using different materials/yarn or changing the colours from the original pattern

d. Artwork:

  • At least 50% of your product must be made from your original artwork.
  • If your original artwork is printed on a mass-produced item, it should be wholly designed by you.
  • Use of digital fonts and pre-made images from platforms like Canva is permitted, but they should make up less than 50% of the overall design.
  • Simply altering someone else's artwork, such as removing backgrounds or rearranging elements, does not make it your original creation.

e. Digital Designs & Prints:

  • You must create at least 50% of the elements in the design from scratch.
  • Arranging or modifying artwork by others doesn't count as original design.
  • For digital collages, the majority should be composed of images you've taken or artwork you've crafted. Simply altering, like removing backgrounds or rearranging, doesn't make it original.

3. Hand Assembled Products not accepted

a. Kits & Manufactured Items:

  • Products purely assembled from a pre-made kit are not allowed.
  • Reselling manufactured items without adding significant handcrafted value is not permitted.

b. Compilations of other's people artwork:

  • Products that arrange or collate other people's artwork is not allowed.
  • If you are collating fonts and pre-existing graphics to create your product, this is considered hand-assembled and not suited.


Before listing an item, always ask yourself: "Is this truly reflective of my unique craft and effort, or is it largely a collection of others' work?"

By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that our platform remains a beacon for genuine handmade products.


For any further questions please contact support@madeit.com.au

Warm regards,

Leina Broughton | CEO & Owner of Madeit.com.au




Hi Jan, thanks for contacting us about your products you would like to sell with Madeit. We welcome you to join our waitlist and apply when our next intake opens. https://madeit.com.au/pages/sell-australian-handmade-artistry-online

Jan Mykyta

Jan Mykyta

I make sheepskin hats, I also make crocheted slippers from baby size zero to large adult sizes . Both these things are made from patterns I invented myself. I used to sell these things at markets at the weekend, but my age and my health has made this all too difficult. However ai am still producing them and am looking for somewhere to sell them. I’m about to turn. 83 so as you can imagine age has caught up with me and my body will nit stand the physical effort to go to markets. I can send photos if required.

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