Warriors of the Light

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Made by Nessa Lovell

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This artwork is 65cm x 93cm unframed. Alcohol inks on yupo paper, sealed with Kamar Varnish.

Infused with Egyptian Gold and Abundance essential oil blends from Young Living.

Today I felt magic knocking on my door.
The knowing that a painting was waiting to come through sat with me in the car, and filled me with nervous energy when I arrived home.
I was sucked into that vortex where time disappears and there is only music and colour and creation.
I see so much in this piece - an abundant forest bearing fruit, faces, ribbons of energy.
Its’ message is below. If you want to make this piece yours, you know how to find me.
I call on my brothers and sisters of old
Of the ancient lineages and the far flung civilisations.
I call on those that channel the Light, that dance in the stardust.
Those that feel the magic in their blood and the stirrings in their souls.
Those that feel the old ways crumbling and the new wiping their feet to enter.
It is time for us to come together once more.
It is time for us to cast off our cloaks and allow our Light to be seen.
Come now Warriors, let us be seen.
Nessa xxx

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