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Deepening Reciprocity and being in ‘Right Relationship’. Courageous Love from a Full Heart.

It is a powerful thing indeed, rethinking the Archetype of the Warrior in these times. Where once we may have envisioned a soldier, or a determined indestructible fighter, those of use stepping out of a patriarchied or colonised way of being have a need to re-envision who this figure is without those overlays. Something worth leaning in to here is the BOTH/AND. Hawthorn both has fierce thorns, and beautiful medicinal flowers and berries that benefit and nourish all of life who visit them (mosses, birds, butterflies, insects, mammals, humans). Hawthorn both offers of itself fully and generously, and also knows how to protect itself.

Hawthorn trees both are capable of growing independently, but know they are better together in community as a hedgerow. A true Warrior must be in ‘right relationship’ with themselves and the outer world, remembering what it was that called them to this protective stance to begin with. They must also recall that it is not from disconnecting the heart that we can better serve, but staying in full relationship with the heart, allowing it to inform and grow our missions and priorities in the world. Hawthorn is a fiercely generous Warrior who is as protective as they are able to defend themselves and set and maintain appropriate boundaries.

And so, Hawthorn brings us back into right relationship with ourselves, and the flow of our heart energy in and out, in and out, in and out. It reminds us of the irrefutable state of reciprocity we are in, as there is no such thing as ‘us in/and nature’, for we are as woven in to the natural world as any bee, rock or star. Hawthorn heals and tends and protects the part of us that has been unbelonged, hurt or damaged by heartlessness, repairing our capacity for deeper love. For it is love which is centered at the heart of the Warrior Archetype, we in the West have just forgotten. Hail and Welcome, wise Warrior Hawthorn. May we re-member how to be courageously and fiercely in service to love, always.

In the Tarot, Hawthorn can be worked with alongside the Emperor, Six of Pentacles, and the Six and Seven of Wands. It can be considered an antidote to the troubles found in the Five or Nine of Wands, Four of Pentacles, or Emperor reversed. In ritual, Hawthorn holds qualities of Venus and Mars, but is unified by the Solar component at its heart, and is a herb of Leo. It can be used for solar workings that are particularly focused on radiating truly for the heart of yourself/a thing, or to work with boundaries and protection in an uplifting, heart-centered way.

Hawthorn can be called upon to:

  • remember that Warrior archetype must be heart led to be well, and in ‘right relationship’ with self, other and the world

  • restore and heal hurts done to the heart and its functions, repairing the capacity for exchange and generosity

  • recalibrate our boundaries, and bringing a more easeful flow to exchange, giving and receiving

  • remind us that we are belonged deeply into the web of life, and then can act in service to this ends more deeply

  • help us discern when we must stand alone, or lean in to family and community

  • work with The Emperor, Six of Pentacles, Six and Seven of Wands in the Tarot, and to act as antidote for difficulties found in the Five and Nine of Wands, Four of Pentacles, and Emperor reversed


A 50ml Hawthorn Flower Essence in an amber glass bottle, with black dropper lid. Contains approximately 100+ doses.

All Flower Essences come bearing a beautiful information card with recommendations and ritual for connecting to your new plant ally.


Internal Application: Flower Essences can be taken internally in drop doses, and is recommended at seven drops twice daily for lasting effects and facilitating deeper change, while seven drops as needed offers a more temporary or transient shift towards the gifts and expressions of the essence. It can be taken as often is needed in acute instances such as for shoring up boundaries or dropping in to the heart.

External Application: Used topically you can add a few drops to acupressure or pulse points such as the wrists, neck, or third eye. It can also be added to creams, baths, altars, or used for ritual practice.


Created on 19.10.2023, on Jupiters Day during Mars Hour. The Ascendant is separating from Saturn and moving through Pisces, trining brave Mars in Scorpio in the ninth house of belief, wisdom and philosophy. The Sun and Mercury were passing through the dissolving void of the South node - a transit indicating a rebirth of solar and intellectual values in service to Libran values of right relationship, fairness, harmony and justice for all. The Moon is coming to it’s waxing square, beaming down from the tenth house in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, offering a fresh and building perspective on how to be the change we wish to see in the world. This was not a purposely elected essence, but the answer to a call from the Green World (as many of my essences are).


Vibrational infusion of Hawthorn flowers (Crataegus spp.), Spring Water, Brandy (preservative). Contains approx 20-25% alcohol.


Traditionally Hawthorn is considered a safe herb with few to no risk factors, particularly the flowers.

These products and information have not been evaluated by the TGA, and are not intended to cure or treat disease. The information provided contains descriptions of traditional uses, and are intended for informational purposes only.

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