Soul Retrieval

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Made by Nessa Lovell

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This artwork is 42cm x 29.7cm (A3 size) unframed. Alcohol inks on yupo paper, sealed with Kamar Varnish.

Infused with Acceptance and Transformation essential oil blends from Young Living.

Some moments in life are excruciating, and leave us questioning our worth. They can become a reason for self punishment, blame and self directed anger. Often, those moments weren’t even our fault, and yet they can become a reminder of how ‘less than’ we are.

If this is something you resonate with, then the message below is for you.

‘I call back into my soul all those parts of myself that I shamed, avoided and rejected, and wrap them in the love they so desperately needed in that moment. It is safe for me to acknowledge my humanity and forgive myself in all moments of space and time.’

This A3 piece is available for purchase, and will remind you daily of your inherent worth, and the beautiful soul you are.

Nessa xxx

#nessalovellart #soulcreatorcards #soulartalchemist

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