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Opens, unfurls & tends the Heart. Connects to the Archetypal Mother & Matrilineal line

Rose flower essence can be called upon to:

  • tend, heal and connect with heart through gentle unfurling and creating safety to explore our emotional landscape

  • open the heart to love, and re-pattern learned or inherited beliefs around what an appropriate boundary is

  • explore themes of unfurling and safely opening, vulnerability and safety enclosed by a safe container of boundaried thorns

  • re-calibrate the flow of giving and receiving, harmonising relational flow, and challenging beliefs relating to love being conditional or transactional

  • connect with the Archetypal Mother, or with our matrilineal line / red thread

  • connect with Venusian themes of love, harmony, relationships, beauty and emotional exchange


Rose is a long renowned medicine for the heart. By slowly opening the petals of the Heart while connecting with the protective thorns, Rose helps our most vulnerable parts gently emerge in all their beauty, ready for healing, loving, nurturing and relating. A deeply feminine medicine, soft & warm, Rose melts away the prickly-ness or pain around the heart space. Allowing such warmth & gentleness in can offer the safe space in which to lovingly break down any walls which keep you from forming true connections with your deeper self, or with others. It can help reform the way you bind your energy with others, as this is the nature of the energy within the heart space. ​​​​​​​Nourishing medicine for the broken, hardened or abandoned heart.

This essence is a tonic for the heart that harmonises the flow of giving and receiving, and connects us to deeper levels of nourishment from the Archetypal Mother within.

With Red Roses from my Grandmother’s garden, and Yellow Roses from my Mother’s, this essence has also has a precious connection to heartful healing of the Red Thread. Created after their death, this Rose essence facilitates reciprocal relationship with our ancestors and ally’s connected to our Matrilineal line. It also speaks to and encourages the Mother aspects of ourselves, allowing us to lean into better receiving of nourishment, self-care and self-love. No matter the stories of ‘Mother’ we carry in our hearts, Rose is one of Mother Earths many ally’s that reminds us that pure love does not come with conditions, and offers us the original patterning of both love and loving boundaries in harmony as one.

In your Tarot practice, Rose Flower Essence can be leaned on particularly when working with the Empress, Strength, the Six of Pentacles and the Two of Cups, or when we come with questions of the heart, relationships, love and self-care. It is an antidote for themes that can arise with the Three of Swords, Four of Pentacles, and Five of Cups. For ritual or astrological use, Rose is a key component to any magical working or petition with Venus, and also has sympathetic correspondences with the Sun.


A 50ml Rose Flower Essence in an amber glass bottle, with black dropper lid. Contains approximately 100+ doses.

All Flower Essences come bearing a beautiful information card with recommendations and ritual for connecting to your new plant ally.


A Flower Essence is a vibrational/homeopathic medicine, created by infusing a flower in spring water, typically over a couple of hours. My process also involve things such as selecting Astrologically relevant moments in time to create them, ritual, song or prayer, creating an altar, and most importantly being guided by the plant itself as to what is wanting to come through and manifest within the medicine.

Please note that this is a vibrational medicine held within a water/alcohol base, and is not an essential oil blend.

Internal Application: Flower Essences can be taken internally in drop doses, and is recommended at seven drops twice daily for lasting effects and facilitating deeper change, while seven drops as needed offers a more temporary or transient shift towards the gifts and expressions of the essence. It can be taken as often is needed in acute instances such as for anxiety or stress relief.

External Application: Used topically you can add a few drops to acupressure or pulse points such as the wrists, neck, or third eye. It can also be added to creams, baths, altars, or used for ritual practice.


The date of this essence creation has been lost to time, but it is one of the first I created in 2013, in late Autumn. It holds a special place in my lineage of flower essence offerings, as the gardens these roses come from are no longer tended by my family.


Vibrational infusion of Rose (Rosa spp.), Spring Water, Brandy (preservative). Contains approx 20-25% alcohol.


Traditionally Rose is considered a safe herb with few to no risk factors, particularly the flowers.

These products and information have not been evaluated by the TGA, and are not intended to cure or treat disease. The information provided contains descriptions of traditional uses, and are intended for informational purposes only.

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