Its safe to be STILL

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We have conditioned ourselves to be busy, ALL. THE. TIME.

We think we need to provide more, earn more, exercise more, bake more, be more present with our family, be there for all our friends, our parents, our siblings, our community, our employers, employees, our kids’ schools.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that it’s all for them, that we are just being loving and supportive. In actual fact, it’s all for US. It’s to fill the gaping hole inside that says we are worthless, have no value, are unwanted, unloved. We do it to feel important, because we tell ourselves in that little whisper (or maybe for you it’s a shout) that I AM NOT ENOUGH.

Of course, when we keep ourselves busy, there’s no time to think about that either. No time to consider why we never stop, why we push and bully ourselves in that way.

This artwork is 42cm x 29.7cm (A3 size) unframed. Alcohol inks on yupo paper, sealed with Kamar Varnish.

Infused with Peace & Calming essential oil blend from Young Living.

So this piece today, is about just that.

‘It is safe to be still.’

YOU, my friend, deserve to be treated by yourself with the same love and respect you give to others. So if you are ready to learn to feel safe in the stillness, it’s time we have a chat. If you need to ease into it, you can start with this artwork.

Nessa xxx

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