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This artwork is 42cm x 29.7cm (A3 size) unframed. Alcohol inks on yupo paper, sealed with Kamar Varnish.

Infused with Release and Forgiveness essential oil blends from Young Living.

'Thank you, I love you, I forgive you, I'm sorry, I forgive myself.'

Normally when I create an artwork, I share it that evening. The message comes through, so I pass it on to social media land, so that whoever needs to hear it, can.

But this one was a little different.

April was a month when my own unhealed wounds around friendship surfaced, got right up in my face and demanded some attention. The understanding bloomed that I often relate to being a ‘placeholder’ friend - the easy, non-demanding friend that can step in when a friendship breaks down, and hold the space until something better comes along. In other words, don’t get too comfortable, because you are only a stand-in, darling. You will be dumped eventually when you are no longer useful.

That was uncomfortable. Not in a ‘break down and eat comfort food while watching soppy movies’ kind of way. Although I definitely binged a bit of Bridgerton. More of a rollercoaster of anxiety and wanting to go hide in a cave and never put myself out there kind of way. And the funny thing is? Nothing actually happened to cause it, other than me noticing my reaction to a comment. And maybe a divine sign or two.

My usual methods of healing my stuff eluded me. So I just had to ride the wave, feel all the feelings, and eventually - paint. The intention this artwork is infused with is literally the Ho’oponopono prayer. Because ultimately I believe whatever shows up on the outside is a reflection of what’s happening inside - so I have to forgive myself first.

I had to forgive myself for thinking I’m not good enough, loveable enough, valuable enough or interesting enough. I had to forgive myself for choosing certain friends in the past that made it clear they would leave me. I had to forgive myself for thinking I was responsible for other people’s crap. And I know more work needs to be done on this too, because often the first step is just acknowledging what is coming up.

If you feel what I’m saying - this may be your artwork. The one that will remind you that you ARE enough, in every sense of the word.

Nessa xxx

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