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Prophetic Dreams, Visions and Ethereal Sensitivity. Daughter of the Changing Moon.

Mugwort, daughter of the Moon, has long been called upon for Luna magic and medicine. It regulates and reinforces our connections to the phases of the Moon and her cyclical nature, while opening up pathways to night-mind wisdom and healing. This essence increases our sensitivity to subtle energies and feelings, and attunes us more deeply to the unconscious realm. A leaf rather than a flower essence, it helps open us to receive her reflections, gifts and medicine, assisting us in becoming more receptive to prophetic visions and dreams. She opens a portal to the dreamscapes and invites us to drift through them with our curiosity and gentle enquiries.

Named in latin for the Goddess Artemis (Artemisia vulgaris), Mugwort connection to the Moon and the Divine Feminine is ancient. The silvery underside of her leaves are one of the signatures of the Moon that she carries. She is an aide to all manner of Menstrual disharmony, being one of the most versatile herbs to regulate a cycle, and holds vigil over the Women’s Mysteries and Rites of Passage. A powerful ally to call upon at key moments in a woman’s life cycle, such as Menarche, Birth and Menopause, though is not limited to these things. Mugwort could be considered a sister plant to the Mars-Luna ruled Wormwood, another plant in the Artemisia family.

Within the Tarot, this Mugwort leaf essence resonates deeply with The High Priestess and The Moon, and to a lesser degree the Two of Swords and Three of Cups. In ritual, she is purposeful with any Luna working, when connecting to aspects of the Feminine, dreamscapes, the unknown and visioning with the night-mind. Mugwort can also facilitate important moments of Womens Rites of Passage as listed above. Mugwort can enhance our ethereal sensitivity, making us more available to the information available on the edges of the material world and beyond.

Mugwort Leaf Essence can be called upon to:

  • open a portal to prophetic dreams, dreamscapes and visions

  • connect to the many phases and feminine archetypes embodied by the moon and the luna cycle

  • support Women’s Rites of Passage such as Menarche, Birth and Menopause, and open knowledge relating to the Women’s Mysteries

  • receive healing information pertaining to regulating and supporting our Menstrual cycle

  • work with The High Priestess and The Moon in the Tarot


A 50ml Mugwort Leaf Essence in an amber glass bottle, with black dropper lid. Contains approximately 100+ doses.

All Flower Essences come bearing a beautiful information card with recommendations and ritual for connecting to your new plant ally.


Internal Application: Flower Essences can be taken internally in drop doses, and is recommended at seven drops twice daily for lasting effects and facilitating deeper change, while seven drops as needed offers a more temporary or transient shift towards the gifts and expressions of the essence. Take a dose before bed to inspire prophetic or strong dreams.

External Application: Used topically you can add a few drops to acupressure or pulse points such as the wrists, neck, or third eye. It can also be added to creams, baths, altars, or used for ritual practice.


Created on 12.11.2019. An extremely dreamy sky moment before midnight, with Cancer rising and the Full Moon in Taurus conjunct the MC, ruled by a Sagittarian Venus co-present with Jupiter. The essence was placed and infused amongst a fae grove of hedges and trees.

This was not a purposely elected essence, but the answer to a call from the Green World (as most of these essences are).


Vibrational infusion of Mugwort Leaf (Artemisia vulgaris), Spring Water, Brandy (preservative). Contains approx 20-25% alcohol.


Traditionally Mugwort is considered a safe herb with few to no risk factors, particularly the flowers. As it is traditionally used as a herbal medicine to stimulate the uterus and promote a period, you may want to consider not using this essence while pregnant.

These products and information have not been evaluated by the TGA, and are not intended to cure or treat disease. The information provided contains descriptions of traditional uses, and are intended for informational purposes only.


"I have always had very prophetic dreams, so Dream Weaver is one that I take before sleep when I want to journey into the dream realm. It's really beautiful." - J.

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