Ceramic Glaze Drip Pendant Woven Adjustable Cord Natural Stone Beads

Made by Pats Studio

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This ceramic necklace is carved from white stoneware and captures a drop of liquid glass frozen in time

The pendant goes through a 1000 degree celsius firing before glaze is applied thickly so that when it is fired once more at 1220c the colours collect into a drip at the bottom of the form and begin to cool before it can fall.

A coloured macramé cord is picked out to match the glaze and then woven and knotted to create an easily adjustable necklace.

Finally, the pendant is attached with quality stainless steel bail and two colour matching stone jasper beads are attached to finish off the cord.

Pendant Size: 2cm x 4.5cm
Maximum Necklace length: 68cm

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