"Cashmere Cream" Luxurious Cashmere Alpaca Blend Handwoven Scarf

Made by Bramble & Briar

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"Cashmere Cream" is a beautiful scarf, handwoven from a luxurious blend of cashmere and alpaca yarns. This scarf measures 216 cm x 19 cm (7.5" x 84.5") including fringe. The warp thread is a soft cream-coloured cashmere yarn, and the weft thread is a beige-coloured alpaca yarn. Cashmere fibre derived from the cashmere goat is highly valued and much desired for its lightweight warmth (warmer than wool) and its silken softness. Alpaca wool is also a highly sought after fibre that is very soft, warm and durable as well as being naturally water resistant, making it a softer, warmer alternative to sheep's wool.

Please note, as this is a handmade garment consisting of natural fibres, please take care when washing. Gentle hand washing with a good quality wool wash is recommended. Dry flat and NO NOT tumble dry.

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