Aura Rainbow Quartz Ring

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This is the perfect Cocktsil Ring for your party season!

It is set in a sterling silver gallery wire bezel & is on a 6.2mm wide filigree band, which is a size 10.
This is the info on Aura Rainbow Quartz.
Aura Rainbow Quartz is a clear quartz treated with Titanium & Niobium, which creates this amazing stone.
The quartz crystal is cleaned and polished.
The crystal is placed in a vacuum chamber.
The chamber is evacuated to remove all air.
The crystal is heated to a high temperature.
A vaporized metal, such as titanium or niobium, is introduced into the chamber.
The metal bonds to the surface of the crystal.
The crystal is cooled.
The crystal is removed from the chamber.
They are a very hard stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 7 & are pretty scratch resistant & will only fade if left in the sun or worn for long periods in water, or salt water.
But as usual, please treat your jewellery with care, as any will become dull, tarnished or severely scratched if not cared for properly.
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U.S.A 8.

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