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Headrush Jewellery

29 products

Showing 1 - 29 of 29 products

Showing 1 - 29 of 29 products
Paraiba Blue Crystal Quartz EarringsParaiba Blue Crystal Quartz Earrings
Indian Head Coin Pendant.Indian Head Coin Pendant.
Swarovski Crystal Ring
Labradorite RingLabradorite Ring
Brass Plectrum Pendant
Spiny Oyster & Turquoise Earrings.
Cultured Pearl StudsCultured Pearl Studs
Amazonite stacker Ring.
‘Flanders Fields’ Poppies Pendant.
‘Shannon’ Silver Bangle‘Shannon’ Silver Bangle
‘The Black Queen’ Black Onyx Ring.
Kingman Gold Turquoise RingKingman Gold Turquoise Ring
Plectrum PendantPlectrum Pendant
Bowlerite Pendant
Aura Rainbow Quartz RingAura Rainbow Quartz Ring
Sterling Silver Bangle.
"Angel" Paisley Vintage Lucite Pendant.
Filigree Bangle.Filigree Bangle.
Paua Shell Ring
Sterling Silver Studs.
Retro Patterned Art Glass Studs.
Silver Fancy Wire Bangle.
"STARGAZER" White Water Turquoise Ring.
Fordite Pendant.Fordite Pendant.
Plectrum Holder Pendant.Plectrum Holder Pendant.
1948 East Africa Half Shilling Coin Ring.1948 East Africa Half Shilling Coin Ring.
Campitos Turquoise Pendant.Campitos Turquoise Pendant.
Irai Citrine Ring.Irai Citrine Ring.
Yellow Jasper Ring.Yellow Jasper Ring.

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