Arrival of Spring Hand Spun Yarn - Thick&Thin with long lengths of Luscious Colours

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Purples, Greens and a pop of Orange - this yarn is variegated with long lengths of colour.  I achieved those long length / block variegations by plying the yarn with a thin vintage Rayon thread (it's a lovely Forest green colour).  

The majority of the yarn is an amazing blend of Merino, Cashmere, Angora, Silk, Rayon, Guanaco and Angelina (twinkle threads, rainbow coloured) - there are subtle twinkles in the yarn which doesn't photograph well.  That fibre was blended and kettle dyed by Ixchel Fibres - an amazing independent Fibre Artist whose studio is in the Yarra Valley - the colours of this fibre were inspired by the painting 'Arrival of Spring' by David Hockney.  

When I got my hands on that lovely fibre:
I Spun it (on a Majacraft spinning wheel)
I played it (on that spinning wheel)
I Skeined it
I Set it (a washing process)
I Wound it into a ball so you won't have to.  

That is a lot of Hand processing!  
The result is a lovely soft yarn with variation in thickness - mostly 4ply / 5ply going to 8ply on occasion.

There is a whopping 165gr in this ball of yarn - approximately 500m.

It would make a lovely shawl or large scarf - warm and soft.

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