Welcome to Madeit

Our Creative Home.

Our values form the foundation of how we operate at Madeit. They guide our actions and decisions and are interwoven with each other, much like the fabric of our community.

Madeit Australian Handmade Values

Madeit Values...


When you can dream it, you can do it. If you’ve made it, you can make it. Creativity shows us anything is possible - but you must dream first.

We maintain an unwavering commitment and thoughtfulness to creativity. Each product available on Madeit is uniquely creative, handmade and Australia.


Behind every product and every business, there's a person with a unique story. Everything we do has a personal touch. At Madeit, we celebrate the human touch in craftsmanship. We know the personal connection of artisans is infused into every creation. The human element is the heart and soul of our Madeit community and platform.


Curiosity drives us to improve continually. It allows us to look for ways we can do things better. We value and prioritise asking "How can we do it better?". When we turn fear into curiosity, we can look beyond the surface to uncover hidden opportunities.


Faith is an inside and collective job. It’s about being able to back yourself; your skills and abilities and bringing that belief into the community where we can all grow stronger together. Faith is built on trust and relationships. We show up with transparency and expertise in order for you to have belief in our approach and the Madeit platform.


Learning is the baseline for evolving and improving in all aspects. As a platform, we continually invest in how we can do things better. As a community, learning is the baseline to how each individual Artisan can improve on their methods and approaches to building an online presence.


Our success is about our collective success. At Madeit, we empower Artisans to achieve freedom by helping them build a thriving business selling their handmade Australian products online. When we achieve financial abundance it gives us the freedom of choice and time, the ultimate mark of success.