Welcome to Madeit

Our Creative Home.

At Madeit, we are more than a platform for Artisans to sell their handmade creations online ⭐️ We are committed to leveraging our collective success to make meaningful, life-changing long term and positive impact on the broader community.

As we grow, so will our contributions.

The SHIFT Project

Madeit is very proud to be a contributor to the incredible organisation The S.H.I.F.T Project in Byron Bay. Supporting women through the challenges they face moving from homelessness to independence, from welfare to wellbeing.


We believe in the Importance of Corporate Donations

In an increasingly interconnected global community, businesses play a pivotal role beyond mere economic contributions; they serve as stewards of societal growth and progress. Corporate donations, therefore, represent more than just financial support; they reflect a company's inherent commitment to the holistic advancement of the communities they serve. By embracing philanthropy, businesses not only enrich their corporate identity and values, but they also build enduring relationships, trust, and a positive reputation among consumers and stakeholders alike. The act of giving back is not just an ethical endeavor, but a strategic one, cementing a company's position as a true community partner.