Colour Friday & Support Small Business!

What is Colour Friday?
It is about shopping small and shopping local. It’s enjoying a retail experience rather than a transactional one. It’s finding unique gifts you won’t find in a major store. It’s having a laugh and a conversation with your local small business owners. It’s supporting your local businesses who in turn support your community, your local school, your local footy club. It’s keeping the money within your local shopping community ❤️

Artwork featured here by the Australian Artist Suki McMaster.


This Colour Friday, we're not slashing prices. Nope, that's not our style. Instead, discover an amazing array of artists and crafters sprinkling some extra magic on your purchases. 🌟

Think of it as a treasure chest of creativity – each purchase unlocks something special. From personalized notes to limited edition goodies, and maybe even a tiny masterpiece hidden in your parcel, every offer is a unique story waiting to be told. So, let's forget the rush for big discounts. Let's celebrate the joy of supporting small businesses and the added bonuses they bring to the table (quite literally!). It's about those sweet, subtle treats that make you smile and remind you why shopping small makes a big difference. 🛍️



Here are some sweet treat offerings from our Australian Artists and Crafters 🍯 🐝

Abacus Designs - 20% off storewide plus free shipping from Friday 24 November to Monday 27 November

Ana Ceramica - 10% discount shop wide and free shipping as always - use code UTHAL2WKYVREO625 at checkout

Annette Winter Designs - 10% off storewide until Monday 27th Nov (includes free shipping) use code OUBGQIP9HS2Q8435 at checkout

Becreates - Spend $80 with BeCreates and get a free set of 6 facial rounds - everybody loves a freebie

Beena & Ro - Free gift in every order for November

Billy Wagtail Pottery  Many listings at 20-50% off - down to $20 each

Crystal Forest Gem Trees - 20% off 23rd to 27th November using coupon code 9PGCS1R4MGFQN618

Dig The Flow Reusables - 20% off storewide using discount code EKHMKQWJVEGRF746

Feebees Handicrafts - Koala Cross Stitch Pictures - 50% off

Jasber Creations - 20% off mixed media pet portraits Wednesday 22 November to Monday 27 November - using discount code DUGTGMGNY0FMH509

Kumo Indigo - Free scented Shirbori Christmas Bauble or 100g Natural Indigo Soy Candle with any purchase over $40. Offer valid 23/11/23 to 26/11/23

KymCo Handmade - Four Christmas bauble collection for $99 with free postage, save $22.

Loveheartist - 10% of all purchases on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th Nov with coupon code KPQZSRZWVBAD0106

Please an' Ta - 10% off storewide until 10 December - using discount code 3MMDMR9KYKLD9312) Then will be automatically upgrading all orders to express post from December 11th - December 17th

Princess Devilman - Free gift with each grocery bag

Red Phoenix Crochet - 10% off storewide until 10 December - using discount code FGPK1YH12RYX6436

Sazzil Designs - 20% off storewide from Thursday 23 November to Monday 27 November - using discount code BDD1BKD89GEHS509

SeaBreeze Boho - 10% discount from Friday 24 November to Monday 27 November

Shack Out The Back - 20% off storewide until 30 November

Simply By Annie - 10% off storewide until Friday 1 December

Staceysknitwits - 10% off storewide (includes free shipping) until 10 December - using discount code 3LCMKATSZRTMW171

Toucan Art Factory - 10% off storewide (includes free shipping) with discount code 9AW6ZXHAC1VQV945 from today (20th) until Thurs 30 Nov

Two Bee Crafty - All items on sale between 30-50% off. No code needed. Ends Dec 10, 2023. 

Wally and Eva - everything is on sale until Monday 27th Nov. No coupon needed.

Wish upon a wing - Free gift of a handmade origami crane that can be hung on a Christmas tree or placed where you can enjoy every day, for every artwork purchased. Offer starts tomorrow 21st November, and ends on 5th December.

Learn more about Colour Friday

Colour Friday is more than just an alternative to Black Friday; it's a celebration of creativity and individuality. This movement champions the idea of making our world a more vibrant and diverse place by supporting artists, crafters, and small businesses.

Colour Friday is an incredible initiative that started in the UK and is now starting to spread into Australia.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our conscious community to encourage others to stop buying for landfill and to support small businesses with a sustainable mindset.

Celebrating Uniqueness and Creativity

  • A Focus on Artistry: Colour Friday is about appreciating the skill, effort, and passion that goes into every handmade item. By choosing to purchase from artists and crafters, you're not just buying a product; you're acquiring a piece of someone's heart and creativity.
  • Sustaining Craftsmanship: This campaign underlines the importance of sustaining traditional and contemporary crafting techniques, ensuring that these valuable skills are preserved and celebrated.

The Home of Small Business

  • Colour Friday is about changing the way we shop, live, and work. It's a gateway to discovering remarkable makers, thoughtful gifts, and inspiring stories.
  • The campaign also provides advice and inspiration for those looking to start or grow their own small business, fostering a community of entrepreneurs and creatives.

Supporting Small and Independent Creators

  • For Shoppers: Choose to buy unique, handmade items that you will treasure for years! Every purchase from an independent artist or crafter is a step towards a more colourful and diverse world.
  • For Artists and Crafters: Colour Friday is an opportunity to showcase your work and connect with a community that values craftsmanship and originality. Utilize the free resources provided by the campaign to reach a wider audience.
  • For everyone: Share Colour Friday posts to spread the word!

Be Part of the Colourful Journey

  • As a customer, choosing to shop during Colour Friday means valuing the uniqueness and quality of handmade products.
  • Explore our curated collection of independent businesses and their stories, and find something truly special and meaningful.
  • Keep up with the latest from Colour Friday, including artist collaborations and unique campaign initiatives.

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