Seller's Guideline for Using Digital Clipart on Products

As part of the new Madeit Quality Benchmarks we have introduced some clear  guidelines in relation to the use of digital clipart and personalised mass-produced items. This is to ensure that the handmade spirit and essence of Madeit is maintained.

1. Digital Clipart in Artwork

  • Originality Requirement: Artwork that solely uses digital clipart, without significant modification or incorporation into a larger original design, is not accepted on Madeit.

  • Artwork Composition: For artwork to be considered original and handmade, at least 50% of the design should be created from scratch by the seller. Simply rearranging or slightly modifying clipart does not meet our standard for originality.

2. Personalised Mass-Produced Items

  • Modification Requirement: Items that are mass-produced and merely personalised using only digital clipart or existing fonts are not aligned with Madeit's handmade ethos. Significant handcrafted value or artistic alteration must be added to these items for them to be considered.

  • Design Originality: You are permitted to use your original artwork or design on a mass-produced item. With the following terms adhered to; you can outsource small amounts (less than 50 items) of printing or production provided you have designed and created the original product yourself.

3. General Notes

  • Canva and Similar Platforms: While using digital fonts and pre-made images from platforms like Canva is permitted, they should make up less than 50% of the overall design. The majority of the design must be your own artwork.

  • Altering Clipart: Simply altering digital clipart, such as changing colors, removing backgrounds, or rearranging elements, does not make it an original creation. Significant artistic input and creativity are required.


Before listing an item, always ask yourself: "Is this truly reflective of my unique craft and effort, or is it largely a collection of others' work?" By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that our platform remains a beacon for genuine handmade products.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding the standards of our platform.


Leina Broughton

Warm regards,

Leina Broughton | CEO & Owner of


Madeit Support

Madeit Support

Hi Pauline,
Thanks for reaching out to Madeit.
The use of a print platform to print your own artwork onto an item is possible and you will need to ensure the maximum print run is not exceeded. This information is available in the Seller T&Cs on the website.

Pauline Jeffery

Pauline Jeffery

Hello, I was wondering if you can use platforms like Printify to say print art work (that is your own work) on a mug or other substrate. I am a bit confused on this one.

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