Defining Handmade Cards & Paper Crafts at Madeit

In order to redefine and reposition how Madeit operates in the Australian Handmade Market we have introduced the Quality Handmade Benchmarks. Please know that this adjustment does not reflect upon the quality of your products. It's not a measure of the high standard of your work, but rather a reflection of our new direction to highlight purely handmade items. We value your understanding and support as we strive to provide the best platform for our dedicated artisan community.

Handmade vs. Hand-assembled

  1. Handmade: A card or paper craft item that is primarily crafted by hand, without the use of machinery with pre-programmed aspects. It embodies personal creativity, touch, and authenticity.

  2. Hand-assembled: A card or paper craft item wherein parts or elements have been put together by hand, but might have been produced using machinery or bought pre-made.


Key Guidelines for Handmade Cards & Paper Crafts:

  1. No Pre-Programmed Machinery: If you're using machinery that operates based on pre-set patterns, designs, or processes, for more than 50% of the creation, the card cannot be classified as handmade. The artist’s direct involvement and personal touch must be evident in the card’s creation.

  2. Original Artwork: For cards that feature a collage, at least 50% of the collage should be composed of your own original artwork. This stipulation ensures that the essence of 'handmade' is preserved and that your unique artistry shines through.

  3. Artwork Prints: If you're using your own artwork (be it photography, painting, sketching, etc.) and rely on a third party for printing, the print run should be limited to less than 50 copies.

Thank you for your dedication and passion. Our community thrives when we maintain our standards and cherish the unique beauty of handmade creations. Together, let's continue to create, share, and inspire!

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