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First time mum and hobby crochetor, Cherish; ÔIt starts with an idea, then finding the perfect ball of yarn, then crochet and viola!


One day, I saw an ad for Madeit on Facebook and an idea came to mind. I signed up, created my Cheeky Lil Eli store, and started selling my handmade stuff here on Madeit.

Handmade crochet colourful beanie

As a crochet hobbyist, I create things randomly. Often when I'm in the car then an idea comes to mind, so I try to make it right away before I forget about it!

A ball of rainbow yarn and a rainbow crochet beanie in progress on a wooden table; ÔAs a crochet hobbyist, I create things randomlyÕ.

It starts with an idea, then finding the perfect ball of yarn, then crochet and viola! They say, crocheting is like magic! You sit in the corner with a hook in your hand, sprinkle it with some curse words and counting then in the end you've made a hat.

CherishÕs daughter Eli, rugged up for winter in a pink crochet beanie with ear flaps

My little girl Eli is my inspiration in crocheting. She is like my little model and she gets to try my makes first before they are listed in my shop.

A crochet beanie in vertical rainbow stripes with two fluffy pastel pompoms; ÔCrocheting became my outlet to let out my frustrationsÕ

I started crocheting to keep me sane during lockdowns. It helped me relax and unwind after a long day of being a first time mumma with no village nearby for support. Crocheting became my outlet to let out my frustrations. It takes my mind off stress even for a little while and it creates beautiful things at the same time.

A bouquet of crochet blooms including a large golden sunflower and sprigs of crochet lavender

As a hobbyist, it was my original plan to make a website but I wasn't sure where to start and if it would be worth it. Joining Madeit has been a perfect way for me to get my creations to be available to everyone in Australia in a hassle-free way.

Handmade items will always have a place in my heart. I love how you can think of something beautiful , create it and then share it with the world.

Crochet handmade flower in a pot

Handmade is a labour of love. When you handmake something, you put a piece of your heart, a part of your soul and a moment of your precious time into it which make it more meaningful. Handmade is unique. Handmade is made with care. Handmade is just for you.

Visit Cheeky Lil Eli to find more cute, colourful and quirky crochet: CheekyLilEli

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