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We’re excited to offer all Madeit Members an exciting opportunity to showcase your expertise and connect with a broader audience. At Madeit, we believe in empowering our community by providing platforms to share your knowledge and insights.

We’re inviting you to contribute blog articles that will be featured in our weekly Tuesday email, reaching over 25,000 followers.

The Exposure You Get with Writing a Blog on Madeit

By writing a blog article for Madeit, you gain significant exposure for your handmade creations. Your article will be featured in our Tuesday night 6 pm information email, which reaches our database of 25,000+ subscribers. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise and attract a wider audience to your store.

Below is an example of the email that was sent with the blog article written by Bissy Made This.

What are Handmade Collectables?


Each blog article includes your details, links to your store, and images of your products. Please note, your article may feature links to other general collections and images from other artists in the same category or relevant to your topic. This not only promotes your work but also connects you with the broader Madeit community, enhancing your visibility and reach.

What We’re Looking For

We want articles that are engaging, informative, and rich in SEO content. Here are some guidelines to help you get started:

  • Content: Your article should be interesting and relevant to our audience. For example, you could write about ' Top Trends in Handmade Home Décor' or any other topic that provides valuable information. The focus should be on broader topics that offer general insights rather than detailed descriptions of your specific techniques.
  • Length: Aim for 500 to 1000 words. We may adjust or add titles and links to enhance the SEO value.
  • Authenticity: While we know many of us use tools like ChatGPT to edit and refine our work, the initial concepts and rough drafts should come from you. We value your unique voice and perspective.

What We’re Not Looking For

To ensure your article meets our community’s interests, please avoid the following:

  • Articles focused solely on your personal techniques, such as 'How I Create My Jewelry Pieces.'
  • Advertorial content that reads like a direct promotion of your products.

Possible Blog Topics

To inspire you, here are some potential article topics that would be well-suited for our audience:

  • The Different Types of Handmade Soaps and Their Benefits
  • Sustainable Practices in Handmade Crafts
  • The Art of Quilting: Techniques and Traditions
  • How to Choose the Perfect Handmade Gift
  • The Role of Handmade Goods in Supporting Local Economies
  • Understanding the Value of Handcrafted Furniture
  • The Benefits of Using Natural Dyes in Textile Crafts
  • How to Preserve and Care for Handmade Wooden Items
  • Exploring the World of Handcrafted Ceramics: Techniques and Styles
  • How to know if your jewellery is made from genuine silver or gold
  • Creative Ways to Upcycle Materials in Craft Projects
  • Handmade Toys: Safe and Sustainable Options for Children
  • How to Start Your Own Handmade Business: Tips and Tricks
  • The Future of Handmade Goods in a Digital World

How to Submit

Please email support@madeit.com.au with the blog idea you would like to write about.* Please include the title idea + a short paragraph about the article.

We welcome submissions from all Madeit artists and crafters. If you’re not currently on the platform but have content that could be valuable to our Australian-focused audience, we’d love to hear from you too.

* Please note: We ask that you submit your idea before writing the article so that we can confirm it is suited.

The Submission Process

  1. Once we have confirmed your article idea is a great fit, we will then request that you submit your article with 500-1000 words. 750 words is ideal!
  2. Submit your article via email to support@madeit.com.au
  3. We will come back with any changes but mostly at this stage we will add in titles where needed and amplify the article with keywords.
  4. You will be given a date for when the article will be shared and featured in the Tuesday content email.


This is such a great way for you to get exposure in the Tuesday email and for your content to live on the Madeit platform!

If you need any extra help with this please contact us at support@madeit.com.au

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