Wire-Wrapped Variscite Pendant

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Wire-Wrapped Variscite Pendant.


Teardrop-shaped, wire-wrapped Variscite Cabochon pendant made from anodised, non-tarnishing, non-toxic, hyperallergenic aluminium wire & a small amount of 304 stainless steel wire. Anodised aluminium wire is ideal for people who have allergies and are sensitive to sterling silver & gold metals. Anodised aluminium wire does not tarnish or turn green. It is lightweight and is becoming widely popular widely popular among jewellery artists.

Size: The finished Pendant Measurement is 5cm long x 2.5cm wide.

Stone Size: 3.5cm long x 2.5cm at base of stone.

You are purchasing the pendant only; it does not come with a necklace.


Variscite Metaphysical Properties:

Variscite is a green gemstone and is grounding. It is associated with gaining wealth and is believed to help brain-related functions, improving intellect and logic. It has a calming effect on the brain and relieves stress and anxiety. Variscite enhances joy and induces peace and harmony within yourself. Though variscite is not an official birthstone, this gemstone is associated with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Scorpio and Taurus. Variscite connects to the heart chakra and is said to open the heart and stimulate compassion or love.

Caring for Variscite Gemstones:

Variscite is a fragile gemstone with a splintery fracture. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners when cleaning Variscite stones. Use a soft cloth and mild soapy water and rinse the variscite stone well to remove any soapy residue. Since variscite is hydrous, avoid ultrasonic cleaners and heat steamers. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause a permanent colour shift in variscite, so don’t store this gemstone in the sun. Wrap variscite gemstones in a soft cloth or on a velveteen jewellery bag separate from harder gemstones and materials to prevent scratching the gemstone's surface. 

Packing - Your pendant comes in an organza bag & wrapped in bubble wrap and posted in a padded post bag. Your item is securely packed and sent via Australia Post with a tracking number.

Small satchel Postage usually costs $10.60 Australia-wide, depending on Australia Post’s pricing at the time of purchase.


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