Rye Rabbit Snuggle Buddy- Crochet toy, comforter, lovey.

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Rye Rabbit is a handmade plush crochet bunny.

Rye is an expert at hide and seek. You'll catch him hopping, skipping and jumping through the woods and into the heart of so many little ones.

Rye measures approx 38 cm from top of head to tip of toe.

With a stuffed head and floppy body Rye is a plush toy meets security blanket/lovey and is a child’s delight to grip and drag around on adventures. 

Rye rabbit will provide emotional support and security for little ones and will of course be their forever friend.

A perfect companion for anytime naps, pram strolls, car trips and for the all important imaginative playtime. 

A beautiful unique gift for newborns and children of any age. A keepsake for a baby shower, birthday, Easter or …just because.

Be sure to follow me on instagram @stitcheswithsoul to keep up with my handmade creations.

I use OKEO-tex plush yarn which has been tested and approved for the most sensitive skin including babies.

Eye options- 
1. Hand embroidered, no small parts at all.
2. Hot glue gun enforced safety eyes (extra strong but supervision a must).

Pattern- @mamamademinis

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