Handmade quilted floral wristlet keyrings

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Quilted floral wristlet keyrings! 🌼🌸🔑
A handmade fabric keyring is not only cute as a button - it's practical and saves you rummaging through to the bottom of your bag in a panic when you think you've lost your keys. They'll be on your wrist! 🙂
There are many beautiful floral fabrics to choose from. 
Quilted cotton matched with a coordinating D-ring and split ring in Silver finish or Gunmetal. 
Each keyring is quilted with fusible fleece and topstitched in rows using a coordinating colour thread.
They are beautifully comfy to wear on your wrist or to hold in your hand.
The D-rings and split rings I use are beautiful high-quality (and nickel-free!) in Silver or Gunmetal.
I source them from my favourite bag hardware supplier in Australia. 
Wristlet length (folded): 14cm -15cm (length may very ever so slightly as is the nature of handmade items)
Wristlet width: 2.5cm
Split ring diameters (outer):
Silver (3cm)
Gunmetal: 3.3cm
If you are familiar with my shop, you may have seen most of these floral fabrics made up in tote bags, quilted bags, or zipper bags. Any bag you see in my shop can have a matching quilted wristlet keyring made up as a set. 
Any other questions you may have will happily be answered! 
Thank you for looking!

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