Diamond Python Sun-Catcher

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Slither Slither, the snake comes hither...
                       ...but will it come inside or out? I can't decide!

This beautiful, two piece sun-catcher features a recent shedding from an Australian diamond python, and is suitable as both an indoor or outdoor ornament. The glass diamond at the top encloses the stunning large scaled belly skin from the python, with bevilled edges that ensure it captures the light from all sides. The lower part highlights the snake's smaller scaled flank skin between two glass cabochons that magnify it perfectly, and features a delicate wire braid around the outside. The two parts are joined with quality stainless steel chain, and feature a thin leather hanger. And because this item has been created using such a unique material, no two will EVER be the same!

This piece has been created using hand tools and patience in my home studio at Port Stephens, NSW. The snake skin was retrieved following the natural shedding process of a local python, and I hope that you feel as amazed as I always do at the delicateness of this material. If you'd like to see the process involved in combining snake stained glass with snake skin, please have a look at my social media channels! 

I proudly post all over Australia using reclaimed and recycled products wherever possible. All of my pieces come with care instructions and a signed certificate.

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