Pendant necklace, Tyvek bead with chain.

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This stunning Tyvek beaded necklace, enhanced with swarovski crystals is multi-colored so would suit any outfit. Delicate and modern.

The 2.00cm Tyvek bead has two 8.00mm pave spaces and two 8.00mm Swarovski crystals at each end and three 5.00cm silver chains. The pendant is 8.50cm over all. 42.00cm silver snake chain with parrot clasp.

These are handmade beads so all are slight different, no mass production here.
The Tyvek is rolled like a paper bead and then heat is added and this is where the the magic happens, they become textured lacy and firm.

Tyvek is a brand of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material; the name is a registered trademark of the DuPont company, known for their production of chemicals and textiles. Tyvek is often used as house wrap, a synthetic material used to protect buildings during construction. Also used for wrist bands issued in hospitals and night clubs.

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