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This artwork is not for sale.
But a new version is available on commission for $1950.
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This actual piece was commissioned by and sold to a Brisbane family law lawyer for their office.

These photos are an example of the original artwork called Internal Dialogue

Artist Statement:
Have you ever noticed the tiny balls of sand that the sand-bubbler crab leaves on the beach?  I have always been fascinated by the diligence and patternmaking skills of these petite creatures.  In this work I have tried to describe the patterns as well as demonstrating diligence while working on the canvas.  


Internal Dialogue 42324+1 is a meditative work which was also influenced by the circle which is a recurring theme in my work.

Along with the circle shapes in nature the circle also represents healing across many cultures. A circle symbolises the cycle of life, rebirth, regeneration and the inter-relatedness of things, the circle focuses the viewer inward while at the same time connecting everyone around them. The circle is associated with a state of completeness, of being whole and for some cultures it represents healing, healing circles are a place of safety and restoration in traditional justice systems. 


Materials: Acrylic paint on gesso primed gallery wrapped 120cm X 120cm X 5cm canvas

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