Medicine Drum Hanger

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The journey of crafting my first medicine drum hanger began as we were renovating our home. Conducting healings in a cozy corner, I realised the importance of safeguarding my beloved medicine drum from accidental damage. This sparked my quest to find the perfect hanging solution.

Since then, I’ve poured my heart into refining the design, tweaking it until it felt just right.

Creating each hanger is a labor of love, starting with the hunt for driftwood along our local waterways and beaches. Letting it dry for a couple of weeks, I then prepare it with care.

The crystals I handpick and infuse with positive energy under the gentle glow of the full moon.

Before diving into crafting the hanger, I clear my space, get grounded and ready myself to channel only good vibes into the hanger.

With every hanger, I infuse pure intention, love, and light, making them not just functional but imbued with a piece of my heart, ready to cradle your sacred drum.

This hanger is for a 16 inch drum

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* Drum and Beater NOT included 

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