Australian Handmade Large Rustic Lace Serving Bowl

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Introducing our exquisite Australian Handmade Ceramic Large Serving Bowl

The exterior of this stunning bowl features intricate lace pressed into the clay, creating an enchanting textured design. To enhance its rustic allure, an iron wash is delicately applied, adding character and depth to the surface.

While the exterior boasts a rustic charm, the interior is adorned with a soft, soothing glaze in a beautiful soft and subtle shade of blue. This gentle hue not only complements the rustic exterior but also adds a touch of serene sophistication.

Perfect for serving salads, pasta, fruits or as a captivating centerpiece. This Handmade Ceramic Large Serving Bowl is not just a functional piece but a work of art that adds a touch of handmade beauty to your table setting.

Handmade on the Sunshine Coast.
Food Safe
Handwashing recommended
Each piece is handmade therefore uniquely individual with its shape and finish 

Bowl measures 28cm in diameter with a height of 7.5cm

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