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Scrub Hat for Medical Workers, Nurses, Hospital, Surgical, Dental, Vet - in fact anyone who needs a scrub cap.These scrubs feature a toggle at the back making it adjustable, so they are suitable for different sizes and hair lenghts.

And so easy to loosen off when your head hurts !!!Commonly known as a Nurses Scrub Cap it is worn by losts of men and women in the medical field - Orderly, Doctors, Surgeons, Theatre Staff, Cardiac Care, Anesthesia staff, Pediatrics. And many other fields including Veterinary, Dental, Paramedics, Community Care Workers and Carers.

Made with cotton - Woven Cotton, 100% cotton or Cotton Poplin. Wash on a normal clothes setting and allow to air dry. Dryers have a habit of shrinking items.

Each scrub hat may have a different pattern placement and a different colour toggle and bead - each hat is unique and individual. Many different style prints are available - Floral, Bright, Christmas, Indigenous, Fun, Funky, Quirky....just to name a few.Lots more prints available in store

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