ceramic wombat trinket dish or spoon rest

Made by By Emily Kate

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these little wombats are hand crafted with love in Tassie from Australian clay
they've been sculpted, trimmed, glazed, fired twice in my kiln and then sanded before being ready to find new homes
Each dish is approximately 12x12cm and weigh about 150g, though each varies slightly (just like real wombats!)
Likewise, each will vary ever so slightly in appearance as they are truly handmade and no moulds or cutters are used. Every face and claw is painted on by me so no two are ever going to be alike!
I've added photos from a couple of different "batches" and in different lighting so you guys can better see how they vary, and the colour of the lovely speckled brown clay.

I've kept a little wombat for myself, and he makes a fantastic spoon rest
These guys would also make great jewellery or trinket dishes, as they're a good size for throwing things in to :)

occasionally I will list "seconds", which are pieces I deem not quite perfect enough to sell at full price. but they're still wonderful!
in the case of these dishes, it's usually a firing crack as they are thin and flat (a potter's nightmare!)
these firing cracks don't affect functionality, however it is recommended that they aren't used for anything involving food as the cracks can sometimes harbour bacteria 🤢
Please note that this price is inclusive of domestic shipping (international is unfortunately a bit more, sorry overseas friends!)
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like a custom piece! 🙃

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