Bare Branches With Acacia- original cyanotype

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Original Cyanotype using plant materials to frame image of bare branches on birch tree. The central image is created from a photograph, converted to a negative which is then developed by UV light onto sensitised watercolour paper. In white matt, measuring 27 x 36cm. 
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Cyanotypes utilise the UV rays from the sun and iron salt solutions rather than silver salt solutions of early photographic processes A sensitiser solution is brushed evenly over paper or other porous surfaces. As the sensitiser chemicals react to light when exposed, the coating process takes place in dim light. These chemicals are then exposed to UV light such as sunlight, or a UV lamp, which creates ferric ferrocyanide, also known as Prussian Blue. The last step in the process is a water rinse to wash away the sensitiser solution, and the blue darkens as the print dries to reveal the final product. 

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