Australian Sea glass tealight candle holder with tiny quartz crystals

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These beautiful genuine Australian sea glass tealight candle holders or mini vases are handmade with white sea glass I found at my local beach, some have a few very faint seafoam pieces and tiny natural quartz crystals.

A special gift for the beach lover, wedding, housewarming, or just something beautiful for yourself!

Photos are an example of the product, as each one is handmade when you order no item will ever be exactly the same ensuring that your candle holder is totally unique for you!

I’ve placed each piece of sea glass individually to create these gorgeous sculpture-like candle holders, they are formed around a glass vessel so they can hold water and be used as a vase.

I love how the glass overlaps like mermaid scales or lotus flower petals and reaches above the jar's lip as if forming a crown.

Mostly smooth white sea glass, with its natural dimples, fissures and a couple of tiny little natural quartz crystal points!

***Size is a rough guide as you can see the uneven constructs makes it impossible to give exact measurements***
Height - 8cm/ 3.2inchesDiameter- 6cm / 2.5 inches

I only offer a few for sale at a time so that I don't run late making them, as I make and send each order it will become available for purchase again.

“It is the nature of sea glass to have dimples, cracks, and chips, these are not faults they are part of the beauty.” I'm very fussy with the glass I use and place every piece with care. If it's there, it's because I thought it added something to the piece.

THINGS TO KNOW-----------

* I welcome questions, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any.
*Your item will be safely packaged for delivery, and comes with literature explaining my sea glass finds in detail.
*Please note everything is handmade and therefore comes with its own imperfections and unique character.
*I do my best to show true colours but due to variations in computer monitors, there will be variations in colour depending on monitor settings and lighting.
* There is very little symmetry when working with genuine sea glass, therefore measurements although as accurate as I can be, are an approximation or an average of the uneven ups and downs.

---------------WHAT IS SEA GLASS?---------------

There is a mystery and a beauty about ‘genuine’ sea glass that is unlike anything else, it's the result of nature taking our rubbish and turning it into something beautiful.Sea glass comes from glass objects that somehow found their way into the ocean, here they are tossed and tumbled amongst the water and sand for sometimes as long as 100 years, to acquire their characteristic texture and shape.
I’m lucky to find these pieces washed up onto the beach like little jewels. For every handful of sea glass I find, I collect at least a bag of rubbish, so I’m cleaning up the beach and making art!

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