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Annaigs Gemstudio

47 products

Showing 1 - 47 of 47 products

Showing 1 - 47 of 47 products
Blue lace agate sterling silver braceletBlue lace agate sterling silver bracelet
Textured sterling silver earringsTextured sterling silver earrings one on stand and one laying down
Carnelian disc and sterling silver earringsCarnelian disc and sterling silver earrings 2
Frosted domed sterling silver disc earringsFrosted domed sterling silver disc earrings 2
Mookaite and sterling silver earringsMookaite and sterling silver earrings 6
Round onyx and sterling silver earringsRound onyx and sterling silver earrings 2
Amazonite and rose quartz long necklaceAmazonite and rose quartz long necklace 2
Carnelian triple choker necklaceCarnelian triple chocker necklace 2
Matte carnelian chainMatte carnelian chain 2
Rose quartz and coral lariat necklaceRose quartz and coral lariat necklace
matte onyx beads long necklaceMatte onyx beads long necklace
Amazonite square beads necklaceAmazonite square beads necklace 2
Bubble Sterling Silver ringSterling silver bubble ring 2
Sterling silver pencil ringSterling silver pencil ring 2
Sterling silver open curve ringsterling silver open curve ring 2
Manu Scriptum sterling silver pendantManu Scriptum sterling silver pendant
Banded agate and sterling silver braceletBanded agate and sterling silver bracelet 2
Lapis lazuli and sterling silver braceletLapis lazuli and sterling silver bracelet 2
Garnet and rose quartz beaded braceletGarnet and rose quartz beaded bracelet 2
Pebble on sterling silver chainPebble sterling silver necklace 2
Electric blue anodised aluminium necklaceElectric blue anodised aluminium necklace
Blue chalcedony sterling silver cuff-linksBlue chalcedony sterling silver cufflinks 2
White & black fresh water pearls earringsw bi
Black & White fresh water pearls earringsLarge black pearl with 2 small white fresh water pearl earrings on white background one held in hand

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